Anna Redi works in theaters across the world since 1985. She started with classical ballet studies at the age of five; soon her passion and talent burst into choreography, acting, writing and directing of her own work. Graduated with honors at DAMS University in Bologna with a thesis on Vittorio Mezzogiorno’s performance in the Mahabharata (Peter Brook).
In 1992 she wins the IV ATER Ballet course in Reggio Emilia.
In 1995 it’s time for the Scenario Award as actress and author of her first work as writer and director “Bagarie”, performed with dancer Annalisa Legato.
In 1996 she works with Marco Manchisi in “Pulcinella e la dama bianca di Otello”. That collaboration continued with “Macbeth” and the piece “The dream crown” in which Anna turns into witch, lady and king. A Lady Macbeth that speaks the Neapolitan dialect, having as counterpoint the barbaric Romagna dialect of Federico Fiumi, as Banquo. To this performance she owes the Girulà Award and the nomination for the Ubu Award.
In 1997 Anna tours with “Lola: songs of love and war of the years ’30s”, for which she is actress and director, accompanied by the musicians Pierangelo Galantino and Olivia Bignardi. 1998 is the year of the “Pasolini Project” with Wim Vanderkeybus for the Flemish Royal Theater in Brussels when Anna features in the The Day of Heaven and Hell, alongside Damien Jalet e Lisbeth Gruwetz.

In 1999 she begins her activity as choreographer for Lyric Operas and acting coach: in 2001 she works on the “Unexpected Wedding” directed by il grande Maestro Riccardo Muti; followed by “Genius Bononiae” by Giorgio Diritti; “Carmen” by Enzo Moscato. In 2008 Anna features in Mario Martone’s “Don Giovanni”, of which she was also choreographer. The collaboration with Martone continueds since the recent rearrangement of “Tango Glaciale Reloaded“. In these years she is also a very prolific author and director: she develops her trilogy on the books of Carrière and her inner-archeology works, such as the “Matres Matutae”.

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In 2019 she trained as “intimacy coordinator” with Ita O’Brien, acting coach who pioneered the role of Intimacy Coordinator, developing best practice when working with intimacy, scenes with sexual content, and nudity in film, TV, and theater.

In the last 10 years Anna has been very active also in TV and movie productions (RAI, HBO, Sky, etc.).

Since 2010, she has a flourishing artistic partnership with Stefano Accorsi, who she coaches privately in preparation for his acting roles. Many young talents have been trained by Anna, check the Coach page for more info. The collaboration with Accorsi started with the movie “La vita facile”, followed by the work on his character in Mediaset TV series “Camorra Connection” (2013). Her coaching work has been crucial for the all young artists in the HBO series “My Brilliant Friend”: her contribution is witnesses in Clarissa Cappellani’s documentary about the series. Anna left the production with a small cameo in the role of Professor Galiani. She has coached many other actors including Giovanna Mezzogiorno, Miriam Leone, Federica Rossellini, Jenny De Nucci, Ludovica Coscione, Vittoria Puccini, Claudia Potenza, Maria Rosaria Russo, Michele Rosiello and Chiara Baschetti. She has been dialogue coach for Letizia Casta. In her career Anna worked with many others. Notable mentions: Pippo Delbono, Marco Baliani, Alfonso Santagata, Arturo Cirillo, Lorenzo Gleijeses, Giorgio Diritti, Pietro Marcello, Giulio Manfredonia. She also contributed to text of the screenplay for “I giorni dell’abbandono” directed by Roberto Faenza, presented at the 2005 Venice Film Festival.