“Don Giovanni” and “Le nozze di Figaro”, Mario Martone
“La Boheme” and “Tosca”, Dino Gentili
“Machbeth”, Andrea De Rosa
“The Unexpected Wedding”, Maestro Riccardo Muti
“Genius Bononiae”, Giorgio Diritti
“Carmen”, Enzo Moscato

Through the years she has participated repeatedly to the Unidanza Festival. She has worked as a teacher for the Universities of Barcelona, Madrid, Charles III Paris 8 and 13, Strasbourg, Santiago de Compostela, Grenoble, Bogota and Second University of Naples. Since 1989 he has held theater seminars for rehab communities and psychiatric centers, along with communities for minors at risk and the work for juvenile prison with the children of Nisida. In 2014 she launched a series of traveling workshops named “Dance your Age”, with the aim to spread the energy that comes from a live performance among all types of dancers, from kids to elderly people.

If you want to host one in your studio, school or community space, get in touch!