Anna started with her Dance your age workshops in 2014, during the occupation of the Valle Theater in Rome, when she joined other protesting artists. The Ente theatrale italiano, a state organization to promote Italian theater which partially supported the Teatro Valle, was shut down in 2010 as part of the Italian government’s budget cuts for the arts. In June 2011, amidst rumors that the theater was to be privatized and would lose its artistic independence, the building was squatted by a group of protesters consisting of actors, musicians, directors, technicians, and creative staff. The nomadic training project by Anna Redi continued afterwards within the European project “Well-being in later life: education, creativity and phisical activity”. Since then it has been hosted in several dance studios and has become a virtual meeting, during the lockdown. You can now reserve your spot on the virtual Zoom with Anna! Give her a ring or drop an email!