Anna offers private or group lessons in person and via Skype.

The coaching method

Her coaching career started off working with Italian actress Giovanna Mezzogiorno in 1998. Throughout years of training and practice, Anna has developed a unique method. She studied with top international artists such as Jack Garfein, Susan Batson e Doris Hicks, Suzanne Shepherd, Irene Chubback, Ita O’Brien, Alwin Nikolai, Carolyn Carlson, Irene Hultman Monti, Lucie Burns, Barbara Houseman. She faithfully follows the work of Peter Brook, Yoshi Oida, Bruce Myers, Tapa Sudana, Jean Paul Denizon, Mamadou Dioume and Wim Vanderkeybus.

Anna’s work focuses on voice and body control, breathing exercises and oriental techniques for relaxation. She helps preparing for performances, memorizing scripts, self-tapes and more. She mainly worked with professional actors and recently started teaching young students, amateurs and anyone who could benefit from her tips and tricks for public speeches.

Anna hosts workshops for entire crews and has become an expert working with teenagers. For example in 2018 she held a three-months workshop for the young actors in the HBO series “My Brilliant Friend”: she dance-coached them for the fifth episode “The shoes”. In the picture below with some members of the cast, and actresses Gaia Girace and Margherita Mazzucco.

My Brillian Friend – HBO cast, teenage actors, dance workshop

Coaching Accorsi

Since 2010 Anna and Stefano share a flourishing artistic partnership started with the preparation work for the movie “La vita facile” by Lucio Pellegrini, followed by Mediaset TV series “Camorra Connection” in 2013. Other works are: “The Referee”, “Fast as the wind” for which Stefan had won the David of Donatello Award,“Fortunata” by Sergio Castellitto. 2015 is the year of “Mafia and red tomatoes” by Giulio Manfredonia with Sergio Rubini, where she scored a little role but most importantly dance-coached the entire cast, alongside her regular work with Stefano. Her work with Accorsi continued with “The champion” by Leonardo D’Agostini, for which he is running for Best Supporting Actor for the David 2020, then with Sky TV series “1992, 1993 and 1994”.

Stefano Accorsi on set in Naples, shooting 1994.

Other actors she coached (in random order): Federica Rossellini, Miriam Leone, Jenny De Nucci, Ludovica Coscione, Vittoria Puccini, Ivana Lotito, Claudia Potenza, Maria Rosaria Russo, Michele Rosiello, Matilda De Angelis, Tea Falco and Chiara Baschetti. She has worked as voice and dialogue-coach for Letizia Casta.

Watch Anna dance coaching the cast of “Mafia and red tomatoes” by Giulio Manfredonia.

One of her first work as coach for large crews is from 2007, on stage for Martone in the main role of Mistress Quickly, alongside Renato Carpentieri in “Falstaff, neapolitan workshop”.
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