Anna is author and director of:
“Le stanze di Penelope” (Bologna 2000 European Capital of Culture)
“Alzati” (Savona)
“Quelle Historie” (Sosta Palmizi)
“Animula” (Finland, Chiaradanza Assis and Regione Campania)
“Sono Sfiorite le Rose” (project called “Archeologia Interiore”, brought to life with students of the Second University of Naples)
“Matres Matutae” performed with a crew of young artists in the Mithreum of Santa Maria Capua Vetere (Archeologia Interiore II)
Pà” (Petrolio, Mercadante, Teatro Stabile di Napoli)
“Scenata, from burqa to pin up girl”
Nuha e le vite di scarto”
“The Young Prince and the Truth”
“Simon El Mago”
“The conference of the birds”

In 2002 she founded a cultural association called Le Bazarre to stimulate the acting scene in her home town and surroundings. For several years Anna has been working with the Napoli11 group and she was also guest at the Dock11 in Berlin with her “Matres Matutae” (Archeologia interiore III) from 2005 to 2008. For Naples Scena Internazionale, Anna has contributed to the creation of “Was ist Tanz?” a contemporary dance show. She regularly participates to the Napoli Teatro Festival, where in 2008 she performed for the section “Fringe” and “Nuha”; in 2009 her work is produced by the MESS International Festival of Sarajevo and the Bosnian Stable Theater with the show “The Young Prince and the Truth”, translated from the text of Jean Claude Carrière in Bosnian, and lately on tour in the Balkans with Hazim Begagic in the role of the Prince. In 2014 she adapted and directed “A Kidnapped Santa Claus”, from a Christmas-themed short story by American writer L. Frank Baum, for the children’s choir of the Music School Eccher.