RiVolti al Mare is a video art experiment curated by film critic Francesco Massarelli, as the art director, and videomaker Luisa Galdo. The project was created thanks to a program called “Cultura ed Integrazione all’ombra della Reggia”, aimed at supporting artistic work with “migration” as its central theme and set in the territory around Caserta and its beautiful Royal Palace. Rivolti a mare was commissioned by the A29 Project Room Contemporary Art Gallery.

Actors, writers, musicians, teachers, all sorts of artists take turns exposing their reflections on the issues of migration and integration. Among them: Marco D’Amore, Toni and Peppe Servillo, Tony Laudadio, Simona Boo, Ferruccio Spinetti, Elisabetta Vetrella, Antonio Pascale, Aurora Leone, Enrico Ianniello, Roberto Solofria, Gianni D’Argenzio, Francesco Paglino, Donato Cutolo, Fiorella Pontillo and the Orchestra of Piazza Vittorio conducted by Maestro Mario Tronco.

The open sea is the imaginary stage on which, one by one, the performances follow one another. On the flow of wave motion, from migration we move onto diversity, to integration. There is no us or theirs, we are all shipwrecked in this shaky society that risks losing its course and no longer being able to scrutinize the horizon.

Thanks to the generous contribution of Onlus Iacometti Foundation that continued the work of “Parti Solutions”, the project is now available on dvd, published by Mutamenti Ed – Teatro Civico 14.
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