1982, Teatro Nuovo Naples, debut of “Glacial Tango”. The director, a young Mario Martone with Andrea Renzi, Tomas Arana and Licia Maglietta on stage, all exponents of Falso Movimento, the art collective who changed the history of Italian theatrical experimentation in those years.

“Glacial Tango Reloaded 1982-2018”, is not a re-staging. It is a rearrangement of the piece created 37 years ago.

In the words of critic Marinella Guatterini: «Far from being a nostalgic operation, this is a time machine reloaded, or better, recharged, by Anna Redi, Raffaele Di Florio and three young dancers who were not yet born in 1982.» The piece, part of the RIC.CI/Reconstruction Italian Contemporary Choreography project from the 80s and 90s, dedicated to the historical memory of our contemporary dance, represents a very important part of this journey because it gives an account of how much in the years of our choreographic tradition of the new, even the experimental theater, moved into a much more physical direction, refractory to texts and words as the only expressive vehicles. The show, which had already met with international success at its debut in the 1980s, is a sequence of images and pop and jazz music, as well as dances and quotes. As Martone himself explains «Glacial Tango tells the story of the crossing of a house by its three inhabitants, from the living room to the kitchen, from the roof to the garden, from the swimming pool to the bathroom: a domestic adventure that transforms itself continuously projecting itself in time and space. The visual mechanics of the show is composed of a system of light architectures created thanks to the assembly of films and slides, and allows the show to take place in twelve rooms for twelve different sets, during an hour, at the average of a change of scene each five minutes. The actors’ work takes place in this very fast spatial grid». Re-proposed today, with very young interpreters all born a long time after the debut of the original project and, therefore, far from the cultural references of that era, Glacial Tango confirms its original revolutionary character and its ability to transport the public on a poetic journey, between past and future, beyond the frontiers of the imagination, where any reference is lost and the world is transformed.

With the help of his collaborators, Martone rearranges the show and presents it to Piccolo Bellini, in an operation which, many years later, confirms the absolutely revolutionary nature of the project.

Project, scenes and direction Mario Martone
Rearrangement by Raffaele Di Florio and Anna Redi
Videographic elaborations Alessandro Papa
With Jozef Gjura, Giulia Odetto, Filippo Porro
Pictorial interventions / Design Lino Fiorito
Graphic settings / Cartoons Daniele Bigliardo
Cinematographic parts / help – directed by Angelo Curti, Pasquale Mari
Processing of the soundtrack Daghi Rondanini
Costumes Ernesto Esposito

Production Teatro di Napoli Foundation – Teatro Bellini, National Dance / Aterballetto Foundation
Rearrangement within the RIC.CI Reconstruction Italian Contemporary Choreography project Eighties / Nineties (Ideation and artistic direction Marinella Guatterini) in co-production with the Ravenna Manifestazioni Foundation.

National preview of Piccolo Bellini in Naples from 16 to 28 January 2018. First performance of the Alighieri Theater of Ravenna 1 July 2018, as part of the Ravenna Festival 2018.