In the theaters on January 2, “18 gifts” is the fourth movie by director Francesco Amato, inspired by the story of Elisa Girotto, whose husband Alessio Vincenzotto contributed to the script. The film features Vittoria Puccini (known to many from her work as “Elisa di Rivombrosa”), Edoardo Leo (“La dea fortuna”) and the young Benedetta Porcaroli (“Perfetti Sconosciuti” and “Baby”, a Netflix series on the case of the baby escorts scandal of the Parioli, Rome).

Anna coached Vittoria Puccini for the leading role of Elisa and couldn’t be happier with the results and the visibility received from working with her before the shooting of the movie. Go Vittoria, go! Banzai!

“The performances of the leads are one of the best things about the film. The chemistry of Vittoria Puccini and Benedetta Porcaroli is sparkling and moving.” (source thecinemaholic). Watch the trailer.

The movie is going to be available on Netflix.