JeanClaude Carrière is a French novelist, screenwriter and actor, known to be a frequent collaborator of Luis Buñuel on his late movies.

Carrière is been a long time influence for Anna, in fact in 2007 she started working on the text of “Le jeune prince et la vérité“; later in 2014 she adapted “Simon El Mago” together with Mario Migliucci, and Adriano Saleri (actors: Manuela Fiscarelli, Mario Migliucci, Anna Redi, Adriano Saleri, live music Giovanni D’Ancicco). More recently she directed as well “The conferences of the birds“, adaptation from the version that sees the collaboration of Carrière with Peter Brook.

Anna has partnered with several schools and choirs, notable mention the School of Music Eccher from Cles, Trento.